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Work for major brands, boost your audience and get paid.

With Caast, you present your favorite products directly on their e-commerce site, while being paid regularly.

👁 You are more than an ambassador

A live presentation will make you a spokesperson for your favorite brand. In addition to being present directly on the e-commerce, you will be recognized as an expert on the brand's products.

🔥 Get paid for your lives

We will send you the products to present.  At the end, you will get paid, based on the audience attending the live and visiting the product pages.

💰 400% more audience during live shows.

When brands organize live events. 4 times more visitors pass on the page of the product presented during a live and discover your profile.

An assured remuneration for your lives

Present the products marketed by your favorite brands live on their product pages. Answer users' questions

#1 Registration Register
on and find out what products you like, what you can talk about.

#2 Notification
Receive an alert on a product category.

#3 Preparation
Choose your product and receive the necessary information for its presentation

#4 Programming
Choose the time and date that is convenient for you to present the product.

#5 Live!
Je jour D, film yourself live, introduce yourself, chat and advise!

#6 Remuneration
At the end of the month, receive unlimited income.

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