Sell your products better and faster.

Caast is a solution of digital commercial animation integrated into your E-Commerce site.
It is called Live Commerce.

Choose the product(s) you wish to showcase and the presenter(s) who will represent you
Organise a quality live event with our experts. Camera, framing, lighting, audio capture... Everything is done!
You are ready! Launch the live stream directly on your e.commerce site. Analyse your statistics and keep the replay online!

Live video shopping reshaped

Philippe Vettese
Innovation leader at

"Our collaboration with Caast team was based on co-construction, listening, interaction. But also support and goodwill. We were quite happy with their agility, pragmatism and efficiency. »

Henri Prin
Brand Coach Leroy Merlin

"Beyond the technological dimension, Caast offered us a turnkey solution for the realisation of Live AEG. From the technical integration, to the identification of the Caaster, to the UX adaptation and the creation of the Brief, ".

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Caast is the solution that helps your e-commerce site to be more appealing to your customers, and increasing traffic and sales.

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