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Silence ça caaste !

pierre fabre

Pierre Fabre's Multicasting Strategy in Live Shopping: An Engaging Approach

In this episode of our report "Silence ça caaste" dedicated to Pierre Fabre, an emblematic group in the cosmetics industry, we went to the Eaux Thermales d'Avene, in the Hérault region of France, to discover the behind-the-scenes of the filming of their Live focused on the Avène brand. In this episode, the teams give us their testimonies to produce a high-performance and engaging Live.

History of Pierre Fabre and its Live Shopping strategy

With its Live Shopping, Pierre Fabre wishes above all to offer an interactive and educational experience to its spectators. The main objective is to show participants how to find the ideal routine to take care of themselves, highlighting effective solutions for skin, hair and smile problems.

By inviting spectators to ask their questions live to the experts at the LAB for CARE, Pierre Fabre aims to create a direct and personalized dialogue, allowing participants to obtain advice tailored to their specific needs.

Through these Live Shopping Events, Pierre Fabre also wishes to share its philosophy that it is possible to live better by learning to take care of oneself and others, by seeking products and ingredients that respect the skin and the environment.

Replays of the "LIVE for CARE" events are available for those who missed them to view at any time, and viewers are encouraged to create an alert to be notified of upcoming not-to-be-missed events. In short, these Live Shopping events are an opportunity for Pierre Fabre to share its expertise, educate its audience and promote a holistic approach to well-being and beauty.

"You can see live shopping on nine websites simultaneously, in multicast. The three big advantages for an e-retailer to broadcast Pierre Fabre live shopping: The first is the whole animation part, offering new content to its consumers. The second part is going to be the part more about enriching and creating content for product pages. At the end of each live, we have the live stream that is automatically divided into small product parts and attached to the product pages of our e-retailers' sites. This means that a consumer, when he is on a product page, will be able to have the classic features and also the live shopping that talks about that product. The last point is the profitability and performance part, since the objective of live shopping is to generate turnover, whether for Pierre Fabre or for our e-retailers. And so, that's the main advantage of this live shopping, is to get turnover and value creation. "
Thomas Gentillet, KAM eRetail & Marketplace

The key points of this Silence, it's caaste at Pierre Fabre

Silence ça Caaste" offers a special episode highlighting Pierre Fabre and his exceptional live performance in the spa resort of Avene, which wanted to highlight the application of anti-aging treatments.   Viewers learn about the company's objectives, its content choices and its approach to interacting with the public, offering an in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges faced by the Pierre Fabre team in organizing a Live Shopping event.

Why did you choose to shoot in Avène? If you are a fan of Avène thermal water-based products, this Live Shopping offers you the opportunity to dive into the very origin of the beneficial water that makes them up! Indeed, you will discover the source of Avène, this charming village nestled in the heart of the Cévennes.

This "Silence ça Caaste" offers exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the filming of Pierre Fabre's Live Shopping. Spectators can discover the stages of preparation, the setting up of the sets, the technical and logistical management, as well as the teams dedicated to the production of these events. This immersion showcases the meticulous work and expertise required to provide a quality experience for spectators.

  • You will discover the methodology of building a Live
  • The people involved in the Live and the chosen location
  • Multicast of Live broadcasts on e-retailers' websites

Finally, the episode highlights Pierre Fabre's experienced moderators, who are responsible for answering questions from the public, managing the interactive features, launching the competition, etc. Their crucial role ensures a smooth and engaging experience for all participants.

In summary, this special episode of "Silence, ça caaste" offers a captivating dive into the world of Pierre Fabre's live shopping, highlighting his strategy, the behind-the-scenes of his filming and the key players in these events, all thanks to an immersive and informative approach.

How does Pierre Fabre stand out?

As part of a Live Shopping event filmed at the Avène spa resort, Pierre Fabre has chosen to highlight its expertise in anti-ageing treatments. This strategic choice makes it possible to demonstrate the benefits of their products in a concrete and immersive way, while offering an authentic experience to spectators.

Live Shopping, as an interactive and live format, offers several advantages to Pierre Fabre. First of all, it allows the company to present its products in a dynamic and engaging way, away from traditional presentations. By filming at the Avène spa, the company adds an additional visual and sensory dimension, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the soothing and rejuvenating environment of anti-aging treatments.

In addition, Live Shopping offers Pierre Fabre an ideal platform to interact directly with its community of customers. During the Live, viewers can ask questions in real-time, allowing experts to respond instantly and provide personalized advice. This interaction strengthens the bond between the brand and its customers, while providing a more user-friendly and seamless shopping experience.

By using Live Shopping as a communication and sales tool, Pierre Fabre is committed to offering an exceptional customer experience, while highlighting its know-how and expertise in the field of anti-aging skincare.

In addition, Pierre Fabre has set up a partnership with 9 e-retailers who simultaneously broadcast the Live broadcasts on their websites. This collaboration further expands the audience and reach of Live Shopping events, allowing more consumers to access the tips, demonstrations and promotions offered during these sessions.

In addition, at the end of each Live Shopping, shorts, short videos, are created for each product presented at the event. These videos are then linked to the corresponding product pages on the websites of the partner e-retailers. This smart strategy makes it easy for consumers to find product-specific demos and information, boosting their confidence in their purchasing decisions.

In summary, through these partnerships and the creation of video shorts, Pierre Fabre maximizes the impact and sustainability of its Live Shopping, ensuring extended visibility of its products and a transparent and enriching shopping experience for its customers.

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