Humanize your e-commerce experience with shoppable video shorts.

Easily integrate videos that convert on your e-commerce site and increase your communities' engagement by providing them with an inspiring shopping experience.


Create your own collections of shoppable shorts

Convert your customers with a personalized video stream that matches their preferences. Through a seamless buying journey, your customers can purchase your product directly from your video shoppable.

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Make your shoppable shorts memorable

Thanks to their Social Live Commerce features, shoppable shorts videos allow you to reach new audiences, maximize your sales and reinforce your omnichannel strategies by broadcasting from your site, but also on your social networks.

Product detail

Highlighting your products with highlights.

Shopping cart

With one click, adding to the cart is done without leaving the video experience.

Sharing links

Support for the major social networks to engage your community.

Mobile friendly

A shoppable video format designed for mobile-first practices.

An intuitive dashboard

Manage all your collections from a single platform and get accurate and detailed information on their performance with the campaign analytics feature.

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Improve your e-commerce performance with video

Strengthen your digital presence and omnichannel strategies by integrating video shoppables into your e-commerce site. Boost your revenues and ROI, while creating an authentic and privileged relationship between your customers and your brand.

Increase in conversion rates

By simplifying the buying process and reducing the number of interactions until the shopping cart, you significantly increase your conversion rates on your product pages.

Engaging your community

 Video shoppables increase your community's engagement through an inspiring and immersive shopping experience. Your customers will enjoy shopping on your platform more and be more loyal to your brand.

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Product visibility

With the ability to be integrated into your sales pages, video shoppables allow for more accurate and inspiring product demonstrations and descriptions of your catalogs, thus encouraging purchases.

Optimization of marketing costs

Video shorts allow you to better control your budgets compared to traditional marketing campaigns, with a significantly higher ROI.

Improved customer experience

Shoppable video shorts offer your customers a more engaging and immersive shopping experience, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Keep control of your brand identity

Our Caast Shorts solutions are customizable and available in white label, to highlight the full power of your brand. Join the community and experience the shoppable shorts video.

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Ready to see the power of our collection?

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