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Live Shopping: Your Ally in Revolutionizing Sales Promotion

June 22, 2021

Live Shopping, an exploding trend originating in China, is now a must for French retailers. Faced with current restrictions, brands and retailers can no longer rely on traditional in-store marketing strategies. It's time to go digital. Find out how Live Shopping is transforming the retail landscape in France.

Digital Field Marketing

With 89% of consumers researching and comparing products before making a purchase, the importance of standing out is more crucial than ever. Retail entertainment is the key. Whether it's contests to win products, sponsored posts on social networks, or gamification to script the customer experience, every action contributes to increasing online sales by offering unique shopping experiences.

Impact of COVID-19 on sales promotion

The health crisis has turned traditional retailing upside down. In-store events, once the mainstay of marketing, have had to cease. Faced with the increase in online purchases, brands need to reinvent their sales activities. Live Shopping offers a solution to this problem, making it possible to interact and try out products, despite the distance.


Live Shopping: The Digital Sales Promotion Solution

Live Shopping offers a fun, interactive experience. Live sales can be used to showcase a brand and create an event around one or more products. What's more, Live Shopping offers many advantages for online businesses, as well as those with physical points of sale.

How Live Shopping Can Transform Your Brand

Imagine being able to stay in touch with your customers when physical sales aren't possible, strengthening your brand presence, attracting a greater number of prospects, and increasing your sales. That's what Live Shopping can do for you.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your field marketing strategy? Find out how Live Shopping can transform your business today. For more information on our services, visit our Caast website. Find out how other brands are using shorts for social networking on our Caast Shorts page.