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indian motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle: Organizing a Live event with a Drive-to-Store approach

For many, the world of motorcycles is more than just a means of transport. It's a way of life. And among the many motorcycle manufacturers that have left their mark on history, one of the most emblematic is undoubtedly Indian Motorcycle.

Indian Motorcycle - a legendary brand

Indian is one of the oldest motorcycle brands, whose first model, the Indian Single, was launched in 1901 by the Hendee Manufacturing Company of Springfield, Massachusetts. The company, renamed "Indian Motorcycle Company" in 1923, and the brand enjoyed a strong reputation based on innovation and competitive results until Indian went bankrupt in 1953. The Indian Motorcycle brand underwent several revival attempts over the following decades, but it was only in 2011, when it was acquired by Polaris Industries, that it truly regained its former glory. Since then, Indian Motorcycle has reintroduced iconic models such as the Chief and Scout, and even launched new ranges, such as the flat-track race-inspired FTR series.

Today, Indian Motorcycle is a respected brand that appeals to motorcycle enthusiasts the world over. Its models combine the charm of retro design with modern technology, embodying the spirit of the classic American motorcycle while offering unfailing performance and reliability.

indian motorcycle shorts

"First of all, we chose Live Shopping because it's a highly engaging format. First of all, it's a format that's easily accessible and consultable on the Cultura website. It's a format where, with a chat, we can interact; in other words, we can present products, push them via little capsules in the interface - we have an experience that is hyper interactive and that immediately answers any questions we may have." Adrien Ruiz, Content Project Manager

Key points

  • How did the brand identify Live Shopping as a key tool for achieving its objectives?
  • How did the brand set itself apart by offering a premium experience to its community?
  • How has the brand capitalized on Live to create high value-added ancillary content?


Indian Motorcycle, a legendary brand in the two-wheeler industry, was looking to differentiate itself from its competitors while strengthening its bond with its customers. To do so, they decided to innovate by integrating Live Shopping into their sales strategy.

Live from its dealership in Nice, the brand invites its viewers, in an ultra-racy universe, to (re)discover the brand's mythical model "the Indian Sport Chief". Delivered in limited numbers across Europe, the brand aims to encourage a drive-to-store approach, and to increase the number of appointments made directly at the dealership to try out the model.

The solution

Faced with historic competition and constantly evolving consumer expectations, Indian Motorcycle chose to focus on Live Shopping. The aim was to offer a unique, interactive and immersive shopping experience, capable of enhancing the exceptional character of their products.

The brand chose to build its Live around a strong, premium event to reconnect with its audience. An entire content strategy was devised to capitalize on the Live environment.

Offer an inspiring and immersive online experience

  • Multilingual simultaneous broadcasts in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK.
  • The presence of guest brand specialists to answer any technical questions about the model.
  • A live show in an exceptional location - Dealership de Nice / France.
  • A respected brand DNA and an inspiring Live concept.
  • Analysis of video engagement, sales and impact on ROI.
  • Promotional videos shot at the same time as the Live event in the hills above Nice.
  • Live replay has been optimized and published on dedicated product pages, and shoppable video shorts have been added.

Indian Motorcycle's Live Shopping event was a great success, attracting spectators from all over the world. This enabled the brand to reach a much wider audience than a traditional in-store launch. What's more, the event remains accessible in replay for those who were unable to see it live, thus extending its reach. Indian Motorcycle's Live Shopping operation is a perfect example of how technology can help brands get closer to their customers and create unique shopping experiences.

Planning and organization of Live in 2 months

the 2-month live indian motorcycle event

Indian Motorcycle is a fine example of how Live Shopping can set a brand apart from the competition. By offering a unique and immersive customer experience, they have succeeded in innovating while remaining true to their heritage and values. Live Shopping has enabled Indian Motorcycle to strengthen its brand image, improve customer engagement and increase online sales.

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