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Silence ça caaste !

A 360° vision of Live Shopping

In this fifth episode of "Silence ça caaste" devoted to E.Leclerc, we take you to meet the passionate teams who work to bring this unique Live experience to life. You'll discover how Live Shopping has enabled E.Leclerc to create unique moments with its customers, by presenting live the star products of its key sales dates.

E.Leclerc: a Made In France success story

Since its creation in 1949 by Édouard Leclerc, the E.Leclerc brand has become a major player in French and European retailing. Historically centered on the hypermarket model, the brand has evolved over the years to adapt to consumer needs and expectations. At the heart of its DNA, E.Leclerc has always upheld the values of proximity, quality and low prices, while emphasizing its commitment to customers' purchasing power. Thanks to its cooperative model, in which stores are independent while benefiting from the support of the group, E.Leclerc has succeeded in preserving its independence and maintaining a high level of responsiveness to market changes.

Our aim with Live Shopping is to keep in step with the high point of our sales activities throughout the year; we organize "commercial" operations both in-store and on our website, which are relayed by various online and offline channels. For example, today's special Manga Live (editor's note: on the eve of the launch of Japan Expo 23), enables us to present our collections to fans of the genre and to appraise the products we can sell on the Leclerc site." Elodie ZITTOUN, E-commerce Manager at E.Leclerc

Key points

  • How is Live Shopping conceived as a distribution channel in its own right, reinforcing online and offline communications?
  • How can Live Shopping boost sales during strategic sales events?
  • How can Live Shopping be used to highlight offers, promotions and products in original and creative ways, creating unique moments for customers?
  • How, by using Live Shopping as a sales promotion mechanism, E.Leclerc sets itself apart from its competitors by offering an innovative approach to local retailing, strengthening its reputation and attractiveness to consumers.


In a constantly evolving retail sector, E.Leclerc is faced with fierce competition, the growing power of e-commerce and ever-changing customer expectations. To meet these challenges, the company has decided to diversify its sales strategy by integrating Live Shopping to enliven key moments of the year.

The solution

E.Leclerc has adopted a nuanced approach by integrating Live Shopping into specific periods of the year, such as sales, seasonal cultural events or special holidays. This strategy enables E.Leclerc to maximize the impact of its Live Shopping sessions by targeting times when customer demand is particularly high.

Integrate Live Shopping into an omnichannel, 360° communications approach:

  • Targeted email campaigns: E.Leclerc sent personalized emails to its loyal customer base and newsletter subscribers to give them a sneak preview of upcoming Live Shopping sessions. These emails include product previews and exclusive offers to encourage participation.
  • SMS marketing: Send out SMS marketing campaigns to deliver short, punchy messages, reminding people of the dates and times of upcoming Live Shopping sessions, creating a sense of urgency for spectators.
  • Social networks: Regular publications of organic content on its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to inform its community of upcoming Live Shopping sessions, drive engagement and share teasers on products to be discovered.
  • Website and mobile application: E.Leclerc has set up promotional banners dedicated to upcoming Live Shopping sessions, ensuring maximum visibility for its online visitors.
  • Dedicated pages: For each Live Shopping session, the retailer has created dedicated pages on its website and mobile app, providing detailed information on products on display, special offers and session times.
  • Partnerships and influencers: E.Leclerc collaborated with relevant influencers to promote the Live Shopping sessions. These influencers produced teaser videos, product presentations and shared their experiences with their communities, increasing the reach of the communication.

E.Leclerc's nuanced sales strategy, based on the integration of Live Shopping at key retail moments, is proving to be a winning approach. By strengthening customer engagement, stimulating targeted sales and strategically differentiating itself, the company is demonstrating its ability to adapt to market changes and meet consumer expectations. This strategy testifies to E.Leclerc's determination to offer unique shopping experiences tailored to the needs of its customers, while positioning itself as a leader in convenience retailing.

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