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How did Petit Bateau choose Live Shopping as the cornerstone of its innovation strategy?

In this third episode of "Silence ça caaste" devoted to Petit Bateau, an iconic children's ready-to-wear brand, we went behind the scenes at the brand's headquarters to discover the filming of one of their Live events. In this episode, the teams share their vision of Live and their enthusiasm for this format.

The history of the Petit Bateau brand

Since 1893, Petit Bateau has been the epitome of French children's fashion. Renowned for its high-quality, long-lasting products, the brand has evolved with the generations while remaining true to its core values: authenticity, quality and innovation. Through its collections for children, women and men, Petit Bateau has become an essential reference in the wardrobe of all ages.

"Petit Bateau is 130 years old and we've always loved to innovate. Innovation through our products, second-hand online and in-store, clothing rental and, of course, Live Shopping is one of our innovations. The idea is not to "teleshop" in quotes, but to be able to communicate with our community and inform them about what's going on at Petit Bateau - show who's behind the brand."
Karine Attali, E-retail Manager & New Business

Key points

  • How did Petit Bateau decide to integrate Live Shopping into its digital strategy to offer its customers a more interactive and engaging shopping experience?
  • How has Live Shopping enabled Petit Bateau to increase its customer engagement rates?
  • What impact has Live Shopping had on Petit Bateau's brand image?


In a world where digital is taking center stage, Petit Bateau has not hesitated to reinvent itself. Demonstrating once again its innovative spirit, the brand has embraced the concept of Live Shopping, a fast-growing trend, to strengthen customer loyalty and create a more interactive and engaging online shopping experience.

The solution

Petit Bateau understood that Live Shopping offered a unique opportunity to strengthen the relationship with its customers. Thanks to Caast's technical and strategic support, the brand was able to combine the convenience of online shopping with the relational and interactive aspect of in-store shopping.

The choice of this strategy was not taken lightly. Aware of the importance of the customer experience in the purchasing process, Petit Bateau has set up Live Shopping sessions where customers can preview new collections, get styling tips, ask questions and even buy the products on display, all in a friendly, authentic atmosphere true to the spirit of the brand.

A desire to show the brand behind the scenes, and to build on its long-standing expertise in children's clothing.

  • Newsletter and in-store promotion
  • Landing page dedicated to Lives on the Petit Bateau website
  • Live multicast on the website, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok of the brand
  • Original and inspiring theme Lives, in line with community expectations
  • Replay accessible from dedicated product pages.

Petit Bateau's adoption of Live Shopping is perfectly in line with its commitment to constant innovation and its ability to meet changing customer expectations. By taking advantage of the latest technologies, the brand continues to affirm its status as a leader in the children's fashion industry, while offering its customers an enriched and modern shopping experience.

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