Caast: The ideal partner to power your live shopping experience

February 10, 2022

With its comprehensive approach, Caast is your partner of choice for live shopping, supporting you every step of the way, from technical integration to replays. We've broken down Caast's service into 5 key steps to better understand its essential role.

Hassle-free technical integration

Caast's live shopping solution is designed for easy integration on any e-commerce site. With no need for specific development, it can be seamlessly integrated into the customer journey, either on dedicated landing pages or directly on product sheets via widgets.

Boost your sales with optimized live preparation

Proper preparation can significantly boost your sales. Caast not only supports you technically, but also provides strategic advice to maximize the impact of your live shopping event. Caast also offers the help of its network of partners for the search for influencers, studio rental and live coverage.

Live performance with complete peace of mind

Thanks to Caast, you can enjoy your event with complete peace of mind, with dedicated remote support during the live session. A centralized moderation interface allows you to respond in real time to questions posed by consumers, which can be managed by your teams or those of Caast.

Exploit the potential of replays

Caast provides an integrated solution for the distribution of your replays, offering perennial content directly on the product page. The replay is often viewed more than the live event itself, increasing the conversion rate. Caast also offers a version of the replay adapted for social networks, enabling you to expand your audience.

Measure your success with performance analysis

After the live event, Caast provides you with the tools to analyze your performance and improve your future sessions. A dedicated interface enables you to track various metrics, such as number of views, number of products added to cart and purchased, sales generated, and so on. These data can be connected to Google Analytics for even easier exploitation.

In short, Caast offers a turnkey solution for your live shopping sessions, supporting you every step of the way. Whether it's technical integration, preparation, execution or analysis, Caast is your ideal partner to fully exploit this new e-commerce trend. Find out now how Caast can boost your live shopping experience.