Caast: a turnkey solution for your live shopping

February 10, 2022

Caast supports its clients before, during and after live shopping by offering a complete service: from the technical integration of the solution to the optimal use of the replay on your site, shopping! Discover Caast's customised support in 5 steps.

1/ Simple technical integration 

Caast's live shopping solution is quick and easy to set up, regardless of your e-commerce site. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to bring your operations to life since the solution does not require any specific development. Integration can be done in two ways: on landing pages designed for live shopping or directly on product sheets using widgets. The live shopping is thus inserted in a coherent way in the customer path. 

2/ Preparing for the live event 

A good preparation of the live event is essential to boost your sales. Communicating with your customers in advance will guarantee the success of your live shopping event. By sharing the information on all your channels (social networks, emailing...) you will be sure to gather a large audience and thus make more sales. 

Caast will help you prepare your session, both technically and in terms of setting up best practices to make your live shows as easy as possible. Caast will guide you through the scripting of your session and coach your presenters. In addition to its in-house skills, Caast offers the expertise of its network of partners for the search for influencers, studio hire and the recording of live events.  

3/ The execution of the live event 

Caast makes it easy for you to enjoy the live event. To ensure optimal broadcasting, a dedicated person is present remotely to accompany you during the session. In addition, Caast provides a centralized moderation interface that allows you to handle consumer questions in real time via chat. This moderation can be done by your staff or Caast's staff.

4/ The replay 

Caast offers you the possibility to enhance your live shopping through the replay. A real asset, it is often viewed more than the live event itself. Integrated directly on the product sheet, the replay is a permanent content that is naturally integrated into the customer's experience. By providing qualitative information about the product and its uses, the replay not only reassures the customer before the purchase, but also increases the conversion rate over time. Caast also offers detailed chaptering of the replay so that users can easily find the passage that corresponds to their question or the product that interests them. Finally, Caast adapts the replay so that you can broadcast it on your social networks, allowing you to expand your audience.  

5/ Analyse performance

After the live, Caast allows you to analyze your performance in order to improve your future live shopping sessions. A dedicated interface allows you to see the number of views on the product page, how many people watched the live or replay, the number of products added to the cart and those that were purchased, the sales generated, the number of questions asked, etc. You can even connect this data to Google Analytics in order to exploit it more easily! 

As you can see, Caast offers a turnkey solution for the organisation of your live shopping sessions. By supporting you in the technical aspects, communication and analysis of your live events, Caast enables you to take full advantage of this new form of sales promotion!