Caast VS Bambuser: which live shopping platform suits your needs?

January 10, 2022

Live commerce is booming, you want to get started but you don't know which solution best suits your needs? Focus on the main differences between two major players in the market: Bambuser and Caast!

1/ Simple technical integration for a robust live shopping system

Caast and Bambuser have a similar technical approach. Both solutions offer a dynamic integration via a Javascript tag added on a page.

The notable difference is that the structure of the page needs to be modified to allow for the integration of Bambuser (addition of visuals, buttons, etc.), whereas Caast offers, in addition to a classic integration, an "edit-less" integration based on the existing architecture of the page and requiring no change. This saves time for the marketing teams in charge of live commerce projects, who no longer need to call on the IT teams.

Bambuser and Caast both allow you to exit the live stream while continuing to view it by minimising the window at the bottom of the screen.

The Caast solution offers the possibility of installing customisable widgets directly on the product pages of the e-commerce site. Customers can then access the live or replay directly from the card thanks to a light and robust script. This technical approach allows Caast to be perfectly integrated into the e-commerce customer journey of the main French e-tailers (Carrefour, Fnac, Cultura, Boulanger, Sephora, etc.). 

2/ A local partner to set up your live commerce

Born in Sweden in 2007, Bambuser specialised in live commerce in 2019. The solution targets mainly high-end customers in the fashion and luxury industries. In addition to "one-to-many" live shopping, it offers "one-to-one", which allows for individual and personalised live interaction between the brand and the customer. 

A "made in France" solution, Caast is aimed at a wider clientele thanks to its flexibility and the agility of its processes. Its turnkey solution guides you on a technical level but also in the organisation of the lives and their production. In addition to its internal skills, Caast offers the expertise of its network of partners for the search for influencers, the rental of a studio and the recording of live events. 

Finally, Caast's speed of deployment and more aggressive pricing is a significant advantage over its competitor. 

3/ Unique features

Caast differs from its predecessor in that its vision goes far beyond live broadcasts. Indeed, by integrating widgets directly into the product pages, Caast enhances replays. This video content enlivens the e-commerce site, prolongs the time spent on the site and fulfils a reassurance function by encouraging the transition to purchase. 

The other advantage of Caast is its chat management. The questions asked during the live broadcast are highlighted in an FAQ. They remain available on the replay and allow it to be structured. Buyers can see the exact moment during the live broadcast when the question they are interested in was asked. This rational functionality is all the more important as it facilitates the transition to purchase. 

With its comprehensive support, quick integration and unique features, Caast stands out from Bambuser. If you want to get started with live shopping quickly and easily, this is a solution you should seriously consider.