How to communicate and promote your Live Shopping

March 14, 2023

The revenue generated by Live is calculated by multiplying the number of visitors by the conversion rate and the average basket. The calculation is therefore very simple: the success variable = the number of participants. If the success of your Live Shopping event is based on the number of participants, you need to communicate beforehand to titillate your audience so that they are there on the day. To help you in this mission, here are some tips to promote your Live Shopping.

First of all, why do Live Shopping?

To make my content and formats more dynamic

When you use Live Shopping, you can present your products in a more dynamic and original way. You can show your products in action, describe them in detail, add your replay to your product landing pages; you have the possibility to go even further in the inspiration. The diversification of content is a mechanism called " retail entertainment ", essential in the construction of your marketing retention strategies.

To engage my audience

In addition, Live Shopping offers an interesting opportunity for brands to generate buzz and engagement on social networks. Customers can interact with the brand live, ask questions, and share their experience with their community. Live creates a closer relationship with your audience and creates a real interest for your products.

To humanize my e-commerce platform

Live allows brands to promote their products in a creative and engaging way. Brands can use influencers, product experts or simply their own team to present their products in a dynamic and interesting way. This approach can help differentiate the brand from others in the market and attract new customers, while retaining old ones.

Communicate well about your Live

Tailor your communication to your audience

This is an important factor for communication because there must be a match between the content and the target. A good content, well positioned, with a relevant incentive (promotional offer, exclusivity, discovery...) will help to interest your audience beforehand and to participate in the live event.

The famous brand IndianMotorcycles presents exclusively its new model: the Indian Sport Chief 🔥 the ultimate American cruiser, live from its dealership in Nice.

Choosing the right facilitator

It is undeniable that the host is the central element of your live event. He or she is decisive in attracting and maintaining attention, convincing people of the product's qualities and thus increasing sales and the average basket of your consumers. He or she brings the brand's guarantee, sharing his or her expertise with simple and reassuring words. Nevertheless, we advise you to work as a duoThat is to say, on one side, your host and on the other, your product expert, who guarantees the veracity of your words.

Broadcast on the most appropriate platform

The challenge of Live Shopping is most often to generate a qualified audience on your e-commerce platform. 

In this case, there are two scenarios: 

‍Thefirst one: broadcast the live only on the site, via a dedicated landing page and use social networks as media tools only. All your traffic will be capitalized on the e-commerce site, and the audience will benefit from an optimal Live Shopping experience.

‍Thesecond one: broadcasting the live on the networks in addition to the e-commerce platform. Indeed, the broadcasts will be multiplied and potentially the reach of the live as well, BUT the experience will be degraded compared to the one proposed on the e-commerce site: no live product display, no highlighting of questions, no interactive experiences (contests, polls, ...) and above all, no relevant tracking elements to analyze your fallout.

Best practices to ensure the success of your Liveshopping

Develop a communication plan

Organizing a Live Shopping operation is not enough to guarantee its success on the day. It is also important to set up a communication plan and a dedicated content strategy.


Increase the scope of the operation:‍

To ensure that as many people as possible attend the sessions you organize, it is important to communicate well in advance on all your communication channels:

  • Website 
  • Organic or sponsored social networks
  • Emailing / SMS campaign
  • In-store relay display
  • Community relay if a content creator/influencer is called upon (post feed, stories, reels etc) with tracked links

This will allow you to reach a wider audience and increase the reach of your Live Shopping operation.

Creating anticipation: 

‍Bycommunicating about your Live in advance, you build anticipation and excitement among customers. This can encourage them to participate and tell their friends and family.‍

Provide useful information:‍

By communicating about the Live Shopping operation, you "tease" useful information to customers, such as the products that will be available, the discounts offered and the hours.

Do not neglect the importance of good internal communication to federate around your project! The active participation of sales, technical and IT teams are all micro-influences and proof of a solid branding.‍

Importance of media coverage and key visuals

Key visuals (or "key visuals") are images that capture the essence of your event. They need to be eye-catching and memorable to grab the attention of your target audience. Key visuals can be used on your social networks, emails and landing pages to promote your Live event. You can use product images, behind-the-scenes photos, screenshots from your live broadcast, or any other visual that represents your brand and your event.

In addition to attracting the attention of your audience, key visuals can also help create a consistent brand image; your branding. By using the same colors, fonts and graphic styles as your brand; a visual identity of your own, you create a recurrence in the minds of your audience and a real universe around your Live.

Recycle content

Live Shopping operations allow you to see beyond their live broadcast thanks to replay: users can view your previous Lives; thus increasing the traffic of your pages. At, we strongly recommend creating a page dedicated to Live Shopping on your e-commerce platform - centralizing all your Lives by category and feeding your content marketing. 

Example of a website page dedicated to replays by category

Take the time to analyze the results

You must always measure the performance of your operations and campaigns.

Number of viewers, number of messages, likes, adds to cart, average viewing time, attention spikes... are all performance indicators that will allow you to measure the result of your operation. Take the time to analyze these numbers from one Live to the next; it's the best way to identify your areas of improvement and create quality content.

In summary

Live Shopping is both a powerful and unifying sales channel. Nevertheless, a successful live shopping requires some communication efforts.

You would never participate in a trade show without communicating your presence to your customers and/or prospects beforehand? Or worse, you would have no commercial supports, no logo, no goodies; an empty booth, while hoping that your audience will contact you naturally. This is illusory and totally impossible. For a Live Shopping event, it's the same. Despite its digital dimension, it remains a live medium; which needs a good communication beforehand to deploy its full potential and sublimate the DNA (or values) of your brand or company.