How can you make Live Shopping a promotional argument for your customers?

February 10, 2022

With 36% of French people shopping online every week, compared with 28% before the pandemic, it's essential to stand out from the crowd. Live Shopping can be the differentiator you need to attract and retain customers.

Live Commerce: A powerful tool for your brand and your customers

Many brands use Live Commerce for its many benefits, such as promoting a product to a large audience at lower cost, winning over new customers, improving their brand image, increasing conversion rates and site traffic, and boosting online and in-store sales.

For consumers, Live Shopping offers an entertaining and informative experience, reinforces confidence in the brand and its products, and simplifies the purchasing process.

How can you promote Live Commerce to your customers?

To encourage your customers to try Live Shopping, highlight the opportunity to experience in-store shopping from the comfort of their own home. By inviting your customers to take part in Live Shopping via an email campaign or on social networks, and by offering promo codes valid only during the live event, you create a feeling of exclusivity.

By inviting your customers to take part in a live shopping event through an email campaign or on social networks, and by offering, for example, promotional codes that are only valid during the live event, you create a feeling of exclusivity. 

The crucial role of the presenter

The choice of presenter is crucial. By selecting an influencer, you'll gain access to their community, which can increase your audience and engagement. The presenter's expertise in his or her field and knowledge of the product are crucial elements in influencing customers' purchasing decisions.

How can Live Commerce help you stand out from the crowd?

Unlike in France, where customers are often redirected to external sites to make purchases, in China, Live Commerce integrates payment options directly into applications, making purchasing easier without interrupting the live event. By using a Live Commerce application that integrates purchasing options directly into the video broadcast, you simplify the purchasing process while reassuring your customers.

In short, by emphasizing authenticity and simplicity, Live Shopping reassures consumers. An immersive and entertaining experience, combined with the assurance of product quality, leads to a significant increase in conversion rates, reaching between 15 and 35%, compared to 1 to 1.5% on a traditional e-commerce site. Learn now how Live Shopping can boost your business.