How shoppable video shorts are transforming the retail world

March 6, 2023

Shoppable shorts videos are a growing trend that is transforming the retail world. These short videos allow users to discover products and buy them with a single click. Let's explore together how shoppable short videos work, why they are impactful for brands and how they transform the online shopping experience.

What are shorts? 

The short is an ultra-short, immersive portrait video format that can be up to 60 seconds long.

Originally created by Tiktok, this new format was quickly adopted by the major platforms: Reels on Instagram, Youtube short on...Youtube or the latest, Inspire on Amazon. Many see an unparalleled potential in terms of original and inspiring creations, responding more and more to the demand for snackable content.

What is a shoppable short video?

Shoppable shorts are short videos presenting products and/or services, offering the possibility for the Internet user to make purchases directly from this same video using integrated dynamic links. The originality of this format lies in the possibility to navigate from link to link without ever leaving the video page. Rather than having the products anchored in the dedicated landing pages, which would force the user to leave the viewing of a classic video, the shoppable short video allows an interactive experience and a fluid purchase path. The main asset of this format is its social media inspiration which uses the scrolling codes specific to social networks: what to keep your user attentive on your e-commerce site.

How do shoppable shorts shake up the codes of e-commerce?

Shoppable short videos have become popular because of their ability to capture consumers' attention. They can see the product in action and buy it immediately if they are interested, reducing the number of steps needed to finalize an order.

"Brands that add video feeds to their product campaigns achieve over 60% more conversions at a lower cost."

Google Data, Global, compared 941 campaigns that added product feeds versus without product feeds, March 2021-April 2021.

A format already very popular

Very inspired by social media practices, shoppable short videos allow brands to quickly and easily promote their products to their target audience. This format being digital native, it allows brands to reach their target audience in a more efficient way and with a more attractive content.

High consultation times

In addition, shoppable videos often attract a more engaged and interested audience to the content, as they are more likely to want to learn more about the products featured. This is especially true for fashion and beauty videos, where viewers are often looking for tips and inspiration . For example, you will get a much higher engagement rate if your products are grouped in a collection or thematic capsule (sales period, end of year celebrations, Valentine's day etc.) rather than in a one shot.

Continuity in the social media experience

Shoppable videos are an ideal tool to develop or improve your content strategies on social networks. They can be used to promote new products or services, providing ready-to-use content. They reinforce your brand identity and improve customer loyalty by creating a closer link between them and your brand.

A teaser format

The teaser format is a great way to grab your audience's attention and spark their curiosity. But how can you make your teaser even more effective and engaging? The answer is simple: use short, shoppable videos. Use them to promote your products, special offers and anything else you want to highlight. And don't forget to promote your content to reach a wider audience and encourage engagement with your audience. For example, you can include links to products, web pages or special offers directly in the video. When you combine shoppable video shorts with a teaser format, you create an engaging viewing experience that encourages your audience to explore your content further.

Integrated shopping experience

Video shoppables are especially useful for products that require real-time demonstration, such as electronics, clothing and beauty products. By watching the video, viewers can see how the product works, how it is used, and how it fits into their daily lives. This allows them to make a more informed purchase decision, which reduces the risk of product returns and increases customer satisfaction.

Ease of technical deployment

Integrating shoppable videos on your e-commerce site or social networks is easier than you think! Choose a video hosting platform that supports shoppable videos, create your video, add shoppable buttons, and then embed it on your site or social networks. With a little time and effort, you can create engaging and incentivizing videos that will increase your sales and online engagement. It's important to note that embedding shoppable videos can vary depending on the video hosting platform and the platform you embed them on. It is therefore important to read the specific instructions for each platform.

Ease of content production

Shoppable short videos are an endless source of content! They can be used to creatively showcase products, demonstrate their use in real life, and bring authenticity to the digital experience. You already have content from your Lives Shopping, recycle it! Add to that a real content strategy thought out and branded with your colors, and you'll have all the keys in hand to succeed in your online commercial animations.

Ease of performance analysis

With a connection to your analytics tools, you can see how many people watched the video, how many people clicked on the link to buy the product, and how many people actually bought it. Analyze your different campaigns, see what works and what doesn't, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Where to deploy the shorts on its site?

Shoppable videos are a great way to boost online sales. To get the most out of this technology, it's important to know where to deploy them on your site. 

Product pages

First, it's important to place shoppable videos on relevant product pages. For example, if you sell clothing, you can place shoppable videos on the pages of each item. This way, customers can see the products in action and click on the interactive areas to learn more about each item.

Categories page

In addition, you can also place shoppable videos on product category pages . This allows customers to see a variety of options and find products that fit their needs.

Home page

Finally, it is important to note that shoppable videos can also be present on your home page. They offer the possibility to create a memorable universe in line with your values, to animate your site according to your commercial seasonality and news, and allow a longer navigation on your site (We also decrease the bounce rate!).

In short, shoppable videos are a great way to drive online sales. By deploying them on relevant product and category pages, and using simple integrations, you can deliver an immersive and interactive user experience that increases satisfaction and sales.

In summary 

These videos offer a more interactive, fluid and intuitive shopping experience for consumers . Brands can use them to differentiate themselves from their competitors, fuel branding and storytelling around their business, and be ever more connected to their target audience. Ultimately, shoppable short videos are an effective way for brands to measure engagement and conversions, and adjust their strategy accordingly.