Is Live Commerce suitable for all sectors?

September 27, 2021

According to a study by Altavia ShopperMind, 28% of French people intend to use Live Commerce in the next 6 months. A trend that has been growing since the health crisis and the closure of certain physical stores. Is this new and growing sales channel the right one for you, combining entertainment and product promotion?

What are theprerequisites for doing Live Commerce?

Live Commerce is based on live video streaming. You will therefore first need a tool that allows live video broadcasting and interaction with your audience

If you have a merchant site, a technical solution like the one proposed by will allow you to easily set up Live Shopping sessions.  

If not, social networks are great allies: Twitch, Instagram or Facebook have live functions. 

Secondly, you need to offer products or services that require a demonstration. In this case, Live Commerce is particularly suitable for the launch of a new product. The aim is to show all its features in order to convince consumers.

Mostly used in BtoC, Live Shopping must be prepared in advance to ensure a good audience. Eventualising the sale, promoting it on your social networks or using well-known presenters such as influencers will allow you to reach a larger community, which is synonymous with better performance. 

Sectors of activity that have already taken the plunge

In China, where it originated, Live Commerce was first developed in the fashion and beauty sectors. In France, several sectors of activity have followed suit, including : 

- Cosmetics, with brands such as Clinique, Clarins and Sephora. Sephora called upon the influence of Horia and Emmymakeuppro, who presented the brand's latest products by performing a make-up routine during the live show;

- Tableware, with the Moulinex or Magimix brands on the Darty site, which offer to make recipes live using food processors that are promoted by chefs such as Cyril Lignac;

- High Tech retail, which takes advantage of live shopping to demonstrate all the possible functions of new TVs or connected speakers. 

By showcasing their products through Live Commerce sessions, these brands increase consumer engagement and online sales.

Sectors of activity that should be interested 

Two presenters introduce the new Indian Motorcycles model
A great example: the famous brand IndianMotorcycles presented its new model in exclusivity: the Indian Sport Chief 🔥 the ultimate American cruiser, live from its dealership in Nice. 🎥 A multilingual simultaneous broadcast in several countries: Germany, Australia, Austria, France, New Zealand,United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Although cosmetics and retail are now familiar with Live Commerce, some sectors are still hesitant. Among them, toys and the automobile industry, which could nevertheless benefit from the advantages of Live Commerce.

In the toy sector, one can imagine tutorials on how to use connected toys. As the business is mainly seasonal, there is a good chance that many Live Shopping events will take place in the run-up to Christmas. One player has started to take an interest in Live Commerce: Lego. The brand chose to organise a Live Shopping event last March to present its new Vidiyo range. 

Finally, setting up live shopping sessions in the automotive sector may seem complicated because of the high budgets. However, organising a live shopping session would allow consumers to discover a new model or to better appreciate the different options available before making a purchase in a dealership. 

This is one of the advantages of Live Commerce: consumers find quality information thanks to the live demonstration. This makes it easier for them to make a purchase, whether online or in shop. 

In summary

Live Commerce is simple to implement and can be adapted to all sectors of activity. By making it possible to detail all aspects of products in a direct and interactive way, it reassures consumers about their quality and authenticity. This sales channel, considered innovative by 70% of the French, is therefore becoming essential for e-commerce!