Live Commerce: a new asset for all business sectors?

September 27, 2021

According to a study by Altavia ShopperMind, almost a third of French people plan to use Live Commerce in the next six months. A trend that took off during the health crisis, with the closure of certain physical stores. Fusing entertainment and product promotion, could this new form of online sales propel you to new horizons?‍

‍Theprerequisites for Live Commerce

Live Commerce is based on live video broadcasting. A tool that enables you to do this and interact with your audience is therefore essential.

If you already have a merchant site, a technical solution like Caast. tv makes it easy to implement Live Shopping sessions. Otherwise, social networks such as Twitch, Instagram and Facebook offer live functionalities.

Secondly, Live Commerce is particularly suitable for products or services requiring demonstration. It's particularly effective when launching a new product, the aim being to showcase its features to convince consumers.

To reach a wide audience and guarantee maximum performance, upstream preparation is necessary. Eventualizing the sale, promoting the event on your social networks and collaborating with influencers can help you reach a wider audience.

Business sectors that have already adopted Live Commerce

Live Commerce, which originated in China, was initially developed in the fashion and beauty sector. In France, several industries have followed suit, including cosmetics, tableware and high-tech retail. By offering Live Commerce sessions, these brands have boosted consumer engagement and online sales.

Two presenters introduce the new Indian Motorcycles model
A great example: the famous brand IndianMotorcycles presented its new model in exclusivity: the Indian Sport Chief 🔥 the ultimate American cruiser, live from its dealership in Nice. 🎥 A multilingual simultaneous broadcast in several countries: Germany, Australia, Austria, France, New Zealand,United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Business sectors conquering Live Commerce

While cosmetics and retail have become regulars in Live Commerce, other sectors are still hesitant. The toy and automotive industries, for example, could benefit greatly from Live Commerce.

In the toy sector, tutorials could be offered on the use of connected toys. With a predominantly seasonal business, the number of Live Shopping events could increase in the run-up to Christmas. For its part, the automotive industry could enable consumers to discover a new model or examine the different options available before making a purchase at a dealership.

One of the advantages of Live Commerce is that it provides consumers with quality information through a live demonstration. This facilitates their purchasing decision, whether online or in-store.

In conclusion

Easy to set up, Live Commerce can be adapted to all business sectors. By directly and interactively detailing all aspects of products, it reassures consumers as to their quality and authenticity. Seen as innovative by 70% of the French, Live Commerce is fast becoming an e-commerce must-have! So, are you ready to dive into this new wave of online commerce? Find out how Live Commerce can revolutionize your brand experience today.