► Short video - How to properly PRESENT YOUR PRODUCT during a live shopping event.

January 19, 2023

Live shopping is a growing trend that consists in selling products live via an online platform. It allows Internet users to discover products in real time and to ask questions to live sellers. However, to succeed in live shopping, it is not enough to have a good product, you also need to know how to present it in a convincing and engaging way for the audience.

That's where Karine comes in, giving us her tips for improving our live shopping. In particular, she talks about the importance of having a duo of presenters, composed of a candid and an expert. The candid is the one who animates the show and asks questions from the audience, while the expert brings a technical guarantee and answers the questions in a precise way.

This combination of skills creates a dynamic exchange and captures the attention of Internet users. By giving the audience a voice and allowing them to identify with the questions asked, the duo of presenters can create a real interaction with the audience and build loyalty.

In short, to succeed in live shopping, it is important to have a convincing and engaging presentation, with a duo of presenters who bring expertise and interaction. We'll see you in her next video to discover more tips on how to present products.


Hi, it's Karine and I'm here to give you tips to improve your live shopping.

To captivate Internet users, you need pep, exchange, and a human touch!

And for that what better than a duo of shock.

A pairing that works quite well is the candid/expert one.

The candid has a double role: he animates the show, he makes it dynamic, and on the other hand he is there to be the voice of the customer and he allows them to identify themselves by asking them questions or by reading aloud the questions received on the chat.

Then comes the expert. The expert. His presence will give a technical guarantee to the live. He will be able to answer in a precise way to the questions asked by the candid or by the customers and better accompany them in their choice.

So, the duet is not an obligation, but admit it, it's still nicer to avoid this famous... "aaaaah"

So we recap a due, exchange, expertise and there you are at the top.

For more tips we'll meet in the next video on the topic "How to present your product well?"

If I tell you "duo de choc", who do you think of?

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