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► Webinar - 60 minutes stopwatch to learn everything about Live Commerce

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Watch here the replay of the Live Commerce Presentation during the #LiveCommerceNow Webinar organized with Caast ( by Cap Digital.

Here's what you'll discover in this webinar:

- What is Live Commerce (or Live Shopping)? (2:57)
- Where are we on Live Commerce worldwide in China, US, and Europe (
- How to implement Live Commerce in my E-Commerce website (
- 7 good practices to make a success of its 1st Live Commerce campaign (

Antoine filled out this presentation with concrete cases, without any language and answered questions from the audience. Feel free to ask your questions as comments.

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This webinar has been cut to specifically present the part on Live Commerce in 60 minutes. You wish to access the full webinar with the Cap Digital presentation? It's here: https: //

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In the era of VIDOC-19, trade is changing at an unprecedented rate. Consumers are visiting stores less and e-commerce sales are booming at an unprecedented rate. In addition, each of us has adopted new habits and created new digital uses. On the professional side, we have multiplied our number of participations in webinars, the proof! On the personal side, our favorite influencers have started to do more and more live streaming, allowing stronger interaction with their community. In Europe, commerce is lagging behind, but it won't last. In this Webinar, we talk about a tsunami that is happening in consumer habits: Live Commerce.

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