► Caast.TV digitizes home shopping for "La Nouvelle Eco" program on France Bleu Nord

January 24, 2023

Caast.TV digitizes home shopping for the "La Nouvelle Eco" program on France Bleu Nord

Every morning on France Bleu Nord, focus on the companies of the region which invent and innovate. It's Antoine Leclercq's turn, CEO of Caast.TV, to appear on Nicole BUYSE's show "La Nouvelle Eco".

Radio interview with Caast.TV CEO Antoine Leclercq
Radio interview Antoine Leclercq © Caast.TV

🎙 But first of all, what is Live Shopping?

Nicole BUYSE, journalist for France Bleu Nord

"It's live commercial animation on the internet. You've heard of commercial animation; in a supermarket, salespeople sell you their sausage; on television, these animators demonstrate the abdominal belt that makes you lose weight; in this case, live shopping is the same thing, but live on the web with animators, either influencers or brand experts who praise the latest food processor. Caast.TV helps these companies do their Live Shopping. Antoine Leclercq, CEO of the company, details how it's broadcast. "


"It is distributed in two different ways; either directly on the e-commerce site on which the products are sold, so today, we will work with Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger, Electro Dépôt, Sephora, Petit Bateau and many others. 

In fact, we broadcast the lives directly on their site, so what is interesting is that there is a direct access to the basket; that is to say that during the live, you can add the products that interest you to your basket to go to the purchase at the end of the live, so it works very well, and in parallel, we also have the possibility to broadcast on social networks." 

Nicole BUYSE, journalist for France Bleu Nord

"This can be on multiple social networks at the same time and these Lives Shopping can be broadcast on the brand's partner sites. Viewers can also ask questions via chat and it can even be hosted via a live contest."

🎙 But what exactly does Caast.TV do?

For Nicole BUYSE, she can do 3 things: 
  • First, we take care of all the technology part, i.e. the integration on the e-commerce site itself.
  • Then, Caast.TV guides the client on the choice of service providers to produce these videos, i.e. the presenter of the Live (influencer or business expert attached to the brand), to ensure that everything is ready before the Live starts, and especially to anticipate since it is live. In short, we give you all the tips you need to make your live show a success.
  • And finally, manages your entire Live Shopping project from A to Z.

"The goal is really to have the ability to help our customers in an integral way."

"Live Commerce is not just about putting a solution on your site and then that's it; there's a lot of value in knowing how to showcase products well, how to capture the presentation, how to broadcast it well. We really aim to adapt to the customer and provide this turnkey solution to have the best possible presentations. 

For Nicole BUYSE, it is a new dimension of commercial animation and a possibility especially for the signs which have stores, to be more visible and to capture new customers, without them needing to leave their homes.

Micro france bleu nord
Micro France Bleu © Radio France

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Caast.TV has already contributed to more than 600 lives since its creation two years ago and has nearly 80 clients. Today, it has 14 employees.