E-Commerce: Digital marketing trends not to be missed in 2023

January 20, 2023
Digitalization and new consumer behaviors: the e-commerce market could represent up to 26.6% of global trade by 2025. In a hyperconnected world where consumers are increasingly demanding, brands must keep pace. 

Quality, price, delivery times, reviews, transparency about where products come from... SERP queries have evolved, leading to a change in search campaigns and the way people search. According to recent data shared by Google, almost half of teens and young adults use Tik Tok or Instagram (instead of Google Maps or Search) as their first source of information. 

Whether it's new digital levers, digital strategies or marketing budgets, the entire industry needs to rethink the online experience.

How to get your card out of the game and keep your online business going? We reveal some strategic directions to integrate into your marketing thinking for 2023. It's up to you!

Young man shopping on an e-commerce platform

Emotion, the essential ally of brands

Already well established in 2022, emotionalmarketing will accelerate its progression in 2023 and remain at the heart of the marketing campaigns of the biggest brands. Everyone loves stories. They convey messages, encourage a sense of belonging and encourage sharing among peers. It's this subtle mix that helps engage your community around your brand.

Develop your social commerce strategies

The health crisis has changed consumer habits and purchasing behavior. Social Commerce, already underway in 2022, will continue in 2023. Consumers are opting for social networks to start their buying journey. In addition, new payment features and live streaming are giving this commerce a boost.

Improve the customer experience and buying experience

The customer experience refers to all the emotions or feelings felt by your customer throughout their journey, i.e. before, during and after their purchase on your platform.

As new technologies are adopted, the customer journey has become more complex; forcing brands to rethink their omnichannel strategies.

"62% of Internet users would like online shopping to be more entertaining." Source Shopper Report 2022

It is worth noting that consumers' expectations of brands are increasingly high. They expect a more humanized discourse from brands, while wanting to interact at a distance. The presence of video elements in the purchase process brings many advantages to shopping sites, making the discovery of new products and trends more enjoyable and immersive.

Integrate CRO into your digital strategies

The CRO, "conversion rate optimization", is the set of marketing mechanisms that allow you to increase the conversion percentage of your website or mobile application. It involves optimizing your conversion pages by improving their content (detailed product sheets, live shopping or replay, augmented reality elements etc.).

This metric is key to reducing your customer acquisition costs by getting more value from visitors and current users. By optimizing your rate, you can increase revenue per visitor, acquire more customers and grow your business.

A simple example: 

If your landing page has a 10% conversion rate and receives 2000 visitors per month, then your page generates 200 conversions per month. If its conversion rate can be improved by 15% by optimizing different elements (product video, situation, influencer relay, etc.), the number of conversions can jump by 50%, or 300 conversions per month.

To achieve these goals, it is essential to create a true interactive and enriched experience for your users. Think carefully about the possible optimizations for your industry.

Young woman doing a live shopping

Engaging your communities

The watchword in 2023: be authentic! Consumers want to build deep connections, an attachment to your brand and it's up to you to nurture that trust. Live shopping, gamification, optimized website, etc. Caast solutions solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Create authenticity around your brand

We have all heard about the development of web 3.0, metavers and other artificial intelligences; but when it comes to consumption, the Internet user is looking for transparency and authenticity from brands. Selling only a product or a service with a promotional speech does not work anymore.

"70% of consumers say they prefer to discover a brand through original and creative content." 

You can convey this authenticity by optimizing your content for search engines, creating video elements, practical and/or educational guides, UGC...But don't deviate from this rule: tell the story of your brand!

Integrate Live Shopping into your marketing mechanics

Media boom during the crisis, one could have thought that it was running out of steam with the reopening of physical stores. On the contrary! Its practice is taking on a whole new meaning and entering the era of "Retailtainment" (retail + entertainment). By 2026, more than 20% of all online commerce (more than 200 billion dollars) will be based on live video broadcasting. 

"According to HubSpot, sales from live shopping will account for 10-20% of all online commerce by 2026." 

Live commerce video allows you to switch from a basic online sale to an interactive, social and above all loyalty-building experience. However, be careful with its implementation, because what seduces the consumer is the live expertise. The presentation of the product by an expert (who can be part of your staff) or an influencer remains one of the main reasons to watch a shopping livestream.

The advantages of Live Shopping are undeniable. It allows you to generate increasing traffic, longer retention rates, drastically increases engagement and improves the SEO of your pages. 

Captivate your live community with gamification

More than ever, the year 2023 will be marked by consumer involvement in marketing campaigns. But to gain notoriety and engagement, you will have to be creative and daring: Play the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) card to boost your campaigns and keep your users' attention.

Gamification can take many forms when integrated into a live shopping event: scoring, live product survey, contest with live draw etc. This is a great way to boost your registrations and unite your community around your brand. 


  • Take stock of your values and the image you wish to reflect online; you will gain credibility with your audience.
  • Optimize your shopping paths and enrich your customer experience.
  • Boost your content with video and live shopping
  • Captivate your audience with immersive content.