Simple integration for a guaranteed ROI.

Upgrade your e-commerce site to ⏱️ 15 minutes with the best in digital sales animation thanks to the Caast solution.

Functionalities adapted for your customers

In one click, they can access an ergonomic interface that allows them to consult the caasts on mobile and desktop computers.

They ask their questions directly during the live shows, their questions are automatically highlighted or moderated.

They access the reruns and find the answers to their questions. A click on a question takes them directly to the right timing!

A light and efficient solution

Performance validated by e-merchants : Leroy Merlin, Cultura, 4MePro...

Integration in 15 minutes watch in hand! No specific development on your site

A fully customizable widget to integrate into your customer experience

An API to enhance the content of the lives (next lives, questions, answers, ...)

Easily measure the KPIs that interest you

Analyze the behavior of your users during live, and after live!

Simple and quickintegration with the main solutions on the market

Let's go!

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Caast is the solution that helps your e-commerce site to be more appealing to your customers, and increasing traffic and sales.

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